Hello! Active Quinoa is…

Rico and BiØ

We are aware that a diet free of additives, pesticides and processed products increases our levels of physical and emotional well-being.

Feeding with natural, ecological, 100% pure products that are easily absorbed and assimilated, benefits all the metabolic functions that our system performs daily.

The Revolution of Quinoa & Protein Shakes

We wanted to create an alternative to protein shakes. Equally healthy, but with more taste and rich nutrients from QUINOA. Still high in protein full of benefits that helps you to stay active and keep your balance in your daily routine.

Protein is not enough for your well-being. But often, it is nice to add a little imagination to your protein diet. A balanced protein shake, that provides a full amino-acid profile (EAA), minerals, and vitamins from superfoods and vegetables + Probiotics, and Enzymes to help you digest proteins properly is essential.

Most Children love chocolate you can’t help it!!

We are concerned about children’s bad eating habits and sugar consumption, not eating a balanced diet, and having meals with low or poor nutrition values.

We decided to do something about it and so we did as kids do, we played and played until we created Captain Quinoa, products with 0% added sugar , a wonderful way to pack in some protein along with a bunch of other healthy vitamins and minerals from a plant-based source.

The Party is in the Kitchen

A kitchen is a place where friends and families connect. During parties or gatherings of friends and family, most people prefer to hang out in the kitchen.

For us, it is not about blending proteins, the same recipes that you can find at the shop, but rather exploring and creating something creative, selecting the ingredients, the sources, the way we join every ingredient to make a shake or a bowl natural and delicious that is good for us and our environment.

Active Quinoa is the result, we have perfected the recipes – with a lot of help from a lot of skilled people and research.

We always take our time to perfect the recipe, we start in our kitchen and get feedback from friends, foodies, and every person who tries them.

We’re very happy and proud of the result: Nutri-Score “A” and first-of-its-kind Quinoa protein blend, delicious and healthy which it hopes will help consumers make ‘healthy choices’ when it comes to buying protein shakes

with a lot of nutrients and none of the unhealthy ingredients.

0% Added sugar – BIO – Vegan – Gluten-free – Clean label – Functional food