Functional Protein

The revolutionary Active quinoa is a combination of different protein sources to achieve an Amino acid score (AAS) which is an indication for a well-balanced protein.

Active Quinoa Protein Shake ENJOY nutritious and healthy mixes of superfoods and a blend of plant-based proteins, gluten-free, suitable for the whole family as a food supplement for breakfast, On-The-Go or after your yoga class or workout.

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No added sugars & Enzymes

You can enjoy Active quinoa at breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in between.

We give you so many deliciously nutritious plant-based possibilities to choose from, you can make them part of your all day, every day, eat well and cut down on your daily sugar intake, all without even trying

Absorption and Assimilation of Proteins.

Active Quinoa Protein Shake contains Bromelain Enzyme from pineapple to promote the perfect assimilation of proteins

Active quinoa Protein shakes support your body and mind throughout the day.

Energize your day

To enjoy it in the gym, on the way home or in the office in the way you like best.
You can take it as a smoothie, smoothie or bowl, be creative! Accompany it with cereals, fruits or toppings. Follow our recipes and enjoy them.

For all those who not only worry about having a healthy and balanced diet, but who want to take care of themselves, Active Quinoa opens a different world of quinoa and superfood based food

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How Your Eating Habits Affect Your Health

Too many saturated fats

not enough fiber


added sugars

with Active Quinoa Protein…

Discover all the good things about eating more plant foods

What are the bases of a healthy and balanced diet?

How can we contribute?

Ingredients NO-GMO and Organic
Balanced nutrition
Vegetable protein of high biological value
Reduced in sugar

High nutritional value

Far superior to other nutritional supplements. A protein of high biological value, vitamins, minerals, fiber and essential fatty acids omega 3 and 6.

Source of Fiber

Essential for the proper functioning of the intestinal transit and the health of the gastric mucosa.

Quality protein

The protein intake per 100gr of consumption of quinoa grain is 13.0 gr

Sports performance

Energy, nutritive and protein contribution to performing any intense physical activity. ”Prevention and muscle recovery before and after sports activity

Digestibility and assimilation

Our shakes are gluten-free, lactose-free, and without artificial preservatives or preservatives. Made with vegetable protein of high biological value and 100% bioavailable.

It does not contain gluten. No allergens

Being a gluten-free food, it is tolerated by celiacs and by people with gluten intolerances. ” We carefully control the entire production chain from production to the placing of the product on the market, to avoid cross-contamination, and the presence of allergens.